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Andrew Rivera
Andrew Rivera

Heat Treatment By Rajan And Sharma Pdf Free Download UPD

The effects of pouring temperature, the content of a rare earth (RE) metal modifier, and T6 heat treatment on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Al-25 % Si alloy were investigated. The results show that for the unmodified alloy, the morphology of primary Si was transformed from coarse polygons and platelets to fine polyhedral, and the average size decreased with increasing pouring temperature. The primary Si exhibited a small blocky morphology with an average size of 47 μm at an optimal content of 1.2 % RE. The tensile strength and elongation were enhanced by the addition of RE followed by the T6 heat treatment, and the maximum tensile strength and elongation (208.3 MPa and 1.01 %) were obtained for the sample modified with 1.2 % RE followed by the T6 heat treatment.

heat treatment by rajan and sharma pdf free download


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