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But the Impulse mod menu has a feature that allows its users access to unlimited money even within such servers. Since the mod menu stays undetected, it offers a safe method for gamers to never go broke within the game. Also, the server admins or the anti-cheat systems of the game will not be able to detect it.



Setting UI mode to Full will give you the default ES user interface. This includes options such as CONFIGURE INPUT, UI SETTINGS, SCRAPER, but also EDIT THIS GAMES METADATA, and many other menu items that allow you to configure the system.

Kiosk and Kid mode expose fewer of the menu options of Emulation Station, only showing menu items that do not affect the system configuration (i.e. do not survive a reboot). In Kiosk Mode, the user is still able to toggle the favorite status of a game. In Kid mode, this functionality is removed.

Switching back to the Full UIOnce the system is in one of the restricted modes, it is not possible to access the UI OPTIONS menu to revert to the full UI. To return to the full UI while the system is restricted, go to the /home/pi/.emulationstation/es_settings.cfg file and edit the UI_mode value to read:

When you work on your plug-in, or mod, you are not actually changing anything in the morrowind.esm file. You are making changes stored as an .esp file. When the game is loaded, the CS loads an .esm (or more than one), then loads any plug-ins. The CS then makes changes upon the active plug-in. What this means is, you cannot do anything that can ruin the game itself. If a plug-in causes problems, just exit the game, open up the Data Files menu, uncheck the plugin(s) causing problems, and click Play. Master files cannot be affected in any way.

Load any and all plug-ins you want combined. Click on this option under the File menu. A prompt will appear asking if this is what you want to do. Click yes, and a window will appear. You will have to provide a name for the new combined plug-in that will be created. Do so and hit Save. Your new combined plug-in will become the loaded plug-in, displacing all others, become the active file, and will appear at the bottom of the list in the Data Files window. Consider this option carefully before you do this, combining plug-ins that conflict will produce problems.

This brings up a further menu enabling you to test certain aspects of the plug-in world data for errors and conflicts. Some things to keep in mind, each of these tests will test the entire game world and your plug-in. A couple of these will take some time. If you just made a small change, wait and test your plug-in ingame, or wait till you have more changes to check and then run a test. These are great functions to help you debug your plug-in.

You can add or delete a script from this menu. Any script on this menu is begun as a global script from the start of the game. It is highly recommended you do not make any changes to any scripts on this list, nor delete them. Think carefully before you add a script to this list. If you want a script to run as a global script, my advice is to place a starting script on a reference somewhere the PC is guaranteed to go in the game, thus ensuring it will execute (see Scripting).

Dialog - There are many functions and different drop down menus within the Dialog Window. There are also three tabs. I will not explain how to do dialog in this section. Refer to The Dialog Window.

Spell Effects - There are eight drop down menu boxes listing spell effects that can be added to a potion. These work the same as Spellmaking. Note that the cost in the last column is the cost to purchase the potion, not the cost in magicka (using a potion does not cost magicka).

Biped Object - These drop down menus are used to assign the parts that this armor covers. Note that some armor covers more than one body part (ie. boots cover both the left and right foot, and also the left and right ankle). Look at other armor types if unsure what to include. The body parts covered by armor type are:

Cost - These are the parameters for each spell effect chosen in the drop down menus to the left. The spell parameters act as multipliers in figuring out the cost to cast a spell created. This is not set in stone however, you can assign a cost different than what the CS shows. Not every spell will need every box filled, in which case it will be grayed out.

Skill Bonuses - These are the skills a race receives a bonus to in the game. There are seven drop down menus, with a small box to the right of each. You can assign up to seven skills for a race. Click on a box to see all the skills. Pick one and it appears in the box. Now choose a number for the bonus for that skill in the box immediately to the right. This can be any number up to ten digits, but will ignore the number if it goes above ten digits (not sure how the game would handle a big number). The CS help file states the total from all bonuses should not exceed 45 for balance, but this is up to you.

Description - In this box is provided a description of a race. You can have this say whatever you want. When the Stat menu is open ingame and you hold the mouse over the Race Name, this text will appear as a floating text box.

Reactions - This is a list of all other factions and a reaction bonus/penalty to anyone of that faction when they interact with the PC. The left column shows a faction, and the right column shows the reaction bonus/penalty. To change the faction name l-click to highlight the name, then l-click it again, and then go to the drop down menu to the right and click on it. Now choose the faction you want in that spot. Enter the reaction value (either positive or negative) in the box below the drop menu. If you wish to add or delete a faction, r-click over a faction name or a blank row in the first column, choose New or Delete. If you pick new, the current faction Name will appear, ignore this and just choose a name from the drop down menu to the right, and then enter a reaction value.

This window allows you to modify the visual effects seen when spells are cast. Spell effects (not spells) are listed in the large window on the left. Highlight an effect and the appropriate visual effects are listed in boxes and drop down menus to the right. These are explained below. Take care and give consideration to any decision to modify anything in this window as it could easily unbalance gameplay far more than intended.

If you find yourself using the live edit menu a lot and wasting a lot of time scrolling through so many objects, you can save collections of your favourite pieces to your library as a room and place them down whenever you need them while building. This can help save time and give you quicker access to some of your frequently used go-to items in the live edit menu.

If so that's just lazy programming. If the natives only allowed your copy of the game to influence your stats, they'd cut out these problems altogether. It wouldn't stop mod menu users giving themselves a bump, but that's hardly as serious a problem.

they killed openIV a while back that allowed to access and modify assets from the game but it didn't touch scripts that make mod menu possible but they reverted gear and it was allowed again.and indeed bad sports mechanic is still in the game, here is a look at guys in the same lobby as me :

Start from a working Ralph's install and then apply random portraits mod from in-game mod menu, but make sure not to have the box checked on Aric's when you do since it's already applied and you don't want to screw up the manual install that's already premerged. You might get this when you click on full body image under Customize, but reportedly nothing breaks and it works fine.

1. download random portraits mod2. extract it into C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\Strive\mods\3. a) run Strive.exe b) go to mod menu c) checkmark random portraits mod (and nothing else) d) install4. reboot game5. check-box the random portrait usage to on under settings/options (whichever)

It's always useful to post your Load Order (in "Spoiler" tags. Use the "Special BBCode" button in the Forum "Reply" menu bar, just to the left of the "Fonts" pick-list). Screenshots are not the best way to convey your LO, because they usually can't include everything in one image and make it difficult to determine if you have too many plugins. LOOT can copy your LO into a list suitable for posting on forums. (It's under the ":" with three dots to the extreme right in it's menu bar.) Most "mod managers" have a similar "LO List" capability. But the total number of mods you have installed in the DATA folder is also important, because even inactive plugins are counted against the so-called "140 cap".

After loading a savegame (almost always in an exterior cell) most of the in-game sounds won't play, a lot of references won't render, some of the landscapes might be incomplete, and entering menus/console has a long delay; even though you are not using the built-in "auto savegame" feature.

When you open the launcher, it functions as it should with the music in the background. Also have audio by the time the main menu loads. Whenever you load a game, the loading screen with the roulette wheel has no audio and this screen will freeze for one to two seconds (as evidenced by the ball in the roulette wheel stopping). Screen will then go black for a few seconds, and the game will load, but have no audio at this point and there is severe lag.

Upon using the game menu to "Exit to desktop", it simply hangs and Windows reports FNV has stopped responding. It becomes necessary to use the Windows "Task Manager" ("") to terminate the current instance of the program before it can be restarted. As this can leave system memory in an unknown state, best practice is to reboot the system first. Naturally this is very annoying. 041b061a72


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