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Andrew Rivera
Andrew Rivera

Boku No Hero Academia: All Might - Rising The A...

There are two types of internships that offer the opportunity to become a Pro Hero. The first type is the Hero Agency Internships in which sometimes, the Pro Heroes can send a request to the students whom wish to work under them, such as in the aftermath of the Sports Festival. It involves a student merely shadowing a Pro Hero, listening to their advice and watching them in action for an entire week. Since the students are unlicensed, they cannot legally work as heroes. And the second type is the Hero Work-Study where a student acquires a Hero License after passing the Provisional Hero License Exam. They are treated as real sidekicks, which allows them to participate in relief efforts during emergency situations. This also allows them to gain real experience and can help them get noticed by other Pro Heroes who might hire them as full-time sidekicks once they graduate.

Boku no Hero Academia: All Might - Rising The A...




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