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116 Wing Tsun Dummy Techniques - Grandmaster Yi... [HOT]

Books and DVD videos are available on all of these major components of the system as well as wing chun techniques, sparring/fighting, self-defense, history, philosophy, theory, drills, ground fighting and more. We have any training equipment and weapons you might need to practice this incredible martial art and a variety of other merchandise including dit-da-jow, (healing liniments), artwork, collectibles, and our famous wall bags for increasing your punching power. Lastly, we carry home study programs if you don't have a school nearby... but if you want to learn everything you can online, courses at the Wing Chun University teach the entire system and all its components.

116 Wing Tsun Dummy Techniques - Grandmaster Yi...

The applications of Chi Sau are diverse and many. They cannot be satisfactorily depicted even by serial drawings. A better way is to list and explain the various applications one by one, followed by an elaboration on the relationships among them. It is hoped that the learner can then glimpse the techniques involved in each application, so that subsequently he will thoroughly understand the usage of Chi Sau.

MING YA BOOKS CO. Booklist Email: Tel: 020-6258330 Fax: 020-6205794 0115-1 Kung-Fu/Sports/Games Title Author Page EURO 10-Minutes Primer: Nunchaku Zhou Qingjie 116 19,95 10-Minutes Primer: Taijiquan Exercises For the Office Zhou Qingjie 138 19,95 101 Reflections on Tai Chi Chuan A motivational pocket guide Gillman, Michael 128 16,50 108 Insights Into Tai Chi Chuan A String of Pearls Gilman, Michael 110 14,80 108 Movements of the Shaolin Wooden-men Hall, vol.1 & 2 Leung Ting 192 19,30 116 Wooden Dummy Techniques With A Big Colored Poster-Demonstr.By Dr.Leung Ting Leung Ting 130 22,95 14-Series sinew-transforming exercises Trad.Chin.Therapeutic Exerc.& Techn. Chang Weizhen/Hong Yunxi 117 5,40 32 Style Taiji sword (incl. VCD) (Chinese edition) 70 9,95 64 Hands of Bagua Zhang: Fighting Techn. of Liu Dekuan Guo Jiwu/Sutton, Nigel 152 19,95 Advanced balisong manual, The Imada, Jeff 128 19,90 Advanced Chin.leg manoeuvres in action Chao H.C. 144 15,40 Advanced Dim-mak-The Finer Points of Death-point Striking Montaigue, Erle 314 36,80 Advanced dragon's touch-20 Anatomical targets & techniques for taking them out Master Hei Long 272 28,90 Advanced Dynamic Kicks Chung, George/Rothrock C. 128 15,10 Advanced Explosive Kicks Chong Lee 143 17,90 Advanced Iron Palm, The Gray, Brian 100 19,50 Advanced Nunchaku Fumio Demura/Ivan D. 159 22,10 Advanced routines of Long-style boxing Chinese Wushu Series Cheng Huikun 190 9,40 Advanced secrets of Tai Chi Chuan Wong Doc-Fai NO Advanced Three-sectional Staff Kung Fu Weapon of Self-defence Lee, Eric 224 21,90 Advanced Tonfa-Japanese weapon of self- defence Tadashi Yamashita 255 22,45 Advanced Wing Chun Cheung, William 255 25,90 Aikido & the dynamic sphere An illustrated introduction Westbrook A./Ratti O. 376 cl 47,90 Aikido & the harmony of nature Mitsugi Saotome 251 39,95 Aikido & Words of Power The Scared Sounds of Kototama Gleason, William 258 22,95 Aikido Basics-Fr.Basic Footwork & Throws to Train.& Demonstr.everything you need Seiser, Lynn/Phong, Dang 190 17,95 Aikido Exercises for Teaching & Training Shifflett C.M. 306 24,90 Aikido for self discovery - Blueprint for an enlightened life Wrobel, Stan 202 21,50 Aikido-My Spiritual Journey Gozo Shioda 206 cl 39,95 Alles over karate Mitchell D. 112 12,65 American Ninja, The Johnson/Ormsby jr. 10,95 Analysis of Shaolin Chin Na(2nd Edition) The Art of Seize & Control Yang Jwing-Ming 352 31,90 Ancient Art of Life & Death The Book of Dim Mak Walker, A.Flane/Bauer R. 202 37,90 Ancient Chinese weapons A martial artist's guide Yang Jwing-Ming 140 23,80 Art of Chi Kung-Making the most of your vital energy Wong Kiew Kit 162 26,35 Art of Chinese Swordsmanship, A A Manual of Taiji Jian Zhang Yun 288 27,95 Art of Expressing the Human Body, The The Bruce Lee Library 4 Bruce Lee/Little, John 256 29,90 Art of Shaolin Kung Fu-Secrets of Kung Fu For Self-defen., Health & Enlightenm. Wong Kiew Kit 216 24,90 Art of Stretching & Kicking, The Lew, James 102 13,55 Authentic Five Animals Style Hasayfu Hung Kuen-Wing Lam Kung Fu Series Sifu Wing Lam 262 34,90 Authentic Shaolin Heritage: Training Methods of 72 Arts of Shaolin Jin Jing Zhong 278 34,95 Authentic Xing Yi Quan Gong Zhong Xiang/Fick(tr) 314 39,95 Ba Gua-Hidden Knowledge in the Taoist Internal Martial Art Bracy J./Liu Xing-han 140 21,55 Bagua & Tai Chi-Exploring the Potential of Chi, Mart.Arts, Meditation & I Ching Frantzis, Bruce K. 216 29,90 Bagua Linked Palms Wang Shujin/Howard, Kent 86 19,95 Bagua Swimming Body Palms Wang Shujin/Ken H.(tr) 90 19,95 Baguazhang-Emei Baguazang-Theory & Ap- plications-Chinese Internal Martial Arts Liang S.Y./Yang J.M./Wu 364 49,95 Baimei Wuyi-White Eyebrow Martial Arts Yandle, Robert 86 17,95 Barefoot Zen-The Shaolin Roots of Kung Fu & Karate Johnson, Nathan J. 266 30,90 Basics of broadsword play Chinese Wushu Series Dong Wenyu 138 6,70 Basics of Long-style boxing Chinese Wushu Series Cheng Huikun 180 8,15 Basics of spear play Chinese Wushu Series Qiu Pixiang 208 14,90 Basics of Taiji Quan Chinese Wushu Series Li Xingdong 102 5,65 Beginner's Guide to American Mah Jongg How to Play the Game & Win Sandberg, Braise 128 19,90 Beginner's Tai Chi Chuan Chu V. 144 18,10 Beginning T'ai Chi Tri Thong Dang 72 13,60 Believe It or Not Ancient & Mysterious Chinese Qigong Zeng Qingnan 131 6,80 Beyond Taijiquan - Supremacy Of The Tai- Chi Mind Wong Choon Ching 266 24,95 Beyond the closed door-Chinese culture & the creation of T'ai Chi Ch'uan Breslow A.L. 400 31,60 Beyond the known - The Ultimate goal of the Martial Arts Tri Thong Dang 164 20,90 Biu-Tze - Set, Theory, Main-points, Mottoes & Applicat.- "Thrusting-Fingers" Leung Ting 162 18,50 BlitzDefence-Attack is the Best Defence Kernspecht, Keith R. 210 24,95 Bo: Karate weapon of self-defence Fumio Demura 183 15,25 Book of Go - Portable go set included Cobb, William S. 128 22,50 Book of Mahjong, The An Illustrated Guide Lo, Amy 114 20,90 Breaking power of Wing Chun, The Kicks,inch punch training & Wing Chun Goh, Austin 96 18,90 Bruce Lee Anthology-Films & Fighting Crompton, Paul 208 27,20 Bruce Lee Fighting Spirit-A Biography Thomas B. 330 20,85 Bruce Lee's Fighting Method The Complete Edition Lee, Bruce/Uyehara M. 492 cl 39,95 Bruce Lee-The Life of a Great Jeet Kune Do Master (Chinese Edition) Lee Chau Kan/Wong D.C. 192 cl 35,00* 1/8

This theory also helps bring us some way towards understanding what many people regard as the paradox of the wing chun system, that it makes use of upright, mobile stances typical of northern Chinese systems, yet exhibits a distinct preference for close-range application of both hand and foot techniques, more typical of the combat systems of southern China. Because of this preference for a more upright, less flamboyant stance than most other forms of gung fu, the wing chun method was ideally suited to the tight alleys, crowded streets and rooftops of Fatsaan and Hong Kong where its most famous exponents, Dr Leung Jan, his student Chan Wa Sun, the late grandmaster Yip Man and his student, Wong Shun Leung, brought the art to prominence. 041b061a72


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