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Love Story Serial Sab Tv Episode 1

The show is based on the love story of Akash and Shruti. Their egos clash and battles are fought. What begins as an innocent boy meets girl romance soon turns into a drawn-out fight for power and love. Personalities clash, egos are tested and relationships strained, all owing to this love affair. Welcome to the world of thought-provoking love and war, welcome to the lives of Akash and Shruti.It's a star-crossed violent love story in the Romeo-Juliet mode, set in contemporary Delhi. Akash is the typical brooding hero, perhaps carrying the burden of the upheaval in the lives of his parents ACP Rohit Sehgal and Ritu who are separated. From being a talented student once, he has slipped to being a backbencher and a goon. Yet his rugged charm attracts the girls, especially his cute junior in college, Shruti. They fall in love and all hell breaks loose on Akash. Shruti's uncle, a local don and politician who had once been sent to jail by Rohit and her brother Kunaal, head of a rival gang in college are always at loggerheads with Akash. The lovers elope, but Akash is hunted down and shot. As he lies fighting for his life in the hospital, the story takes off, oscillating between the present and the past, told through flashbacks.Shruti falls in love with Akash at first sight. Akash begins to take a like for her, but doesn't believe in relationships as at a young age he saw his parents relationship break. Shruti who is heart broken, takes a friend's advice and decides to make Akash jealous. Shruti starts spending time with Dev, one of Akash's best friends. The plan works and Akash gets jealous and eventually they get together. Dev too falls for Shruti, but decides to move on. Shruti and Akash want to get married, so Shruti tells her uncle about him, but he refuses. Her uncle plans to get her married to someone else, so Akash and Shruti decide to run. Kunaal tries to stop Akash and Bhatti, when Kunaal is accidentally shot and he dies. Police are trying to catch Akash and Bhatti and they are on the run. Eventually even Shruti runs away with Akash and they are together. Akash and Shruti plan to get married, but Akash is shot by the police. He is taken to hospital. Eventually Akash is caught and among the many charges comes the charge of killing Kunnal. Eventually the court proceedings prove that Kunaal's death was an accident and no one was at fault. But Akash and Bhatti are sentenced to 5 years in jail for the crimes they committed while on the run from the police. Meanwhile Shruti waits for her (now husband) Akash. She becomes pregnant with Akash's child and has a baby girl named Aarushi. Shruti is helped by Dev.

Love Story Serial Sab Tv Episode 1

It is revealed that besides Rajveer, there was another friend of Naveen who was very close to him. Captain Abhimanyu Singh Chauhan joins KMA to help Naina proving Naveen's innocence. In an unexpected turn of events, Rajveer gets framed just like Naveen and gets court martialed by the Brigadier. Naina and Rajveer by this time, develops feelings for each other and fall in love but before their love story could blossom, Rajveer gets killed in an explosion however, his body is never found. Naina with her friends embark on a journey to find about the culprit who had wronged Naveen and Rajveer both. It is revealed that the man behind all the crimes is Lala Gehlot who was very close to both Naveen and Rajveer. After various struggles and hardships, Naina manages successfully to expose Lala's crimes in front of the world. Lala gets arrested however manages to come out from the jail, which is revealed in season two. Naveen Singh Ahluwalia gets justice and his name gets cleared. Naina and the rest of the cadets graduate from KMA and set out to join their postings.

An incurable thrill seeker, Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) suffered the tragic loss of the love of her life when he was shot dead during their robbery of an armored truck. Unfortunately, her story doesn't end any less tragically, as Money Heist season 5 kills Toyko off in a shocking moment from episode 5 in which she sacrifices herself to save Denver and Manila. Little is known about Tokyo's childhood, but her mother took part in a sting operation in the hopes that she would be brought in unscathed by the police. The Professor intervened, telling Tokyo that the cops planned to shoot her on sight. Tokyo's mother then died during the preparation for the Royal Mint heist. Hotheaded and daring, Tokyo has a tendency to be a ticking time bomb during robberies, which is also what makes her one of the most compelling Money Heist characters.

One of the great love stories in Money Heist is Rio and Tokyo's. The youngest member of the team, Rio (Miguel Herrán) was still a teenager during the Royal Mint heist. He's a skilled hacker who got started in the world of crime committing cyber attacks, and was recruited by the Professor for his talent with computers. Rio comes from a loving family, and his parents believed he was simply playing video games up in his room, unaware of what he was really doing. After joining the gang, Rio falls in love with Tokyo and the two begin a relationship - even though it breaks the Professor's first rule. Throughout Money Heist's 5 seasons, Rio and Tokyo continue their love story until the latter is killed, before which she and Rio share a tearful goodbye. Rio is one of few original gang members to survive all the way until the successful completion of the Bank of Spain heist.

Raquel Murillo's backstory details how she had escaped an abusive marriage to her husband, Alberto, a leading forensic examiner with the police who later began a relationship with Lisbon's sister. At that point, she reported him for the abuse and got a restraining order against him, but few on the police force believed her. Lisbon then lived with her mother, Mariví (Kiti Mánver), and her young daughter, Paula (Naia Guz). Like Stockholm, Lisbon (Itziar Ituño) didn't start out on the robbers' side of the fence. She was the inspector who led the negotiations on the Royal Mint heist, but ultimately fell in love with the Professor and started a new life with him, joining the Money Heist season 4 Bank of Spain plan as his accomplice on the outside. She and the Professor both survive Money Heist season 5 and end up together.

Recruited for Money Heist's Bank of Spain heist due to his expertise in metallurgy, Bogotá (Hovik Keuchkerian) has apparently had an active love life. He has seven children with different women all around the world and keeps photos of them with him, but only visits them roughly once every six months. He has a history with Berlin and Palermo, and met the Professor and Marseille at Berlin's fifth wedding. He develops strong feelings for Nairobi during the preparation for the Bank of Spain heist, which are initially not reciprocated.

Bai Su Ji is the main female character of a comic that features a typical Mary Sue storyline. Suddenly, she is pulled out of the comic, as this genre has lost its popularity and the writer has stopped updating the story. After discovering the truth, Bai Su Ji decides to find the author and convince them to continue the release. An Yu Feng is a genius physicist at a university, who has cold and introverted personality. One day, he comes across the comic 'Heartbeat Love' and throws it away. Suddenly, Bai Su Ji comes out of the comic and misunderstands him as the author. He has no choice but to take her home. Despite many things that happen, An Yu Feng is gradually moved by Su Ji's warm spirit and unexpectedly falls in love with her without realizing it. (Source: MyDramaList) Adapted from the manhua "Xin Tiao Lian Ai She" (心跳恋爱社) by Guo Ni (郭妮). Edit Translation 350c69d7ab


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