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Andrew Rivera

Imperialism 2 - The Age Of Exploration [GoG] Game Download

so the game needs some polishing - but it is still a very good game. the mere fact that it is a game of interdependencies makes it a very worthwhile game. the detail that goes into the conquest of this game is actually impressive, and it is a very fine example of how to make an empire rather than merely an all-conquering superstate. these interdependencies are the mark of a great game.

Imperialism 2 - The Age Of Exploration [GoG] Game Download

another very cool aspect of the game is that it has included many of the features that you might expect from an expansion, such as california or new mexico, as well as additional trade routes, new nations, and even a new enemy faction in the form of the british. in the future, the game will almost certainly receive more of these sorts of add-ons.

the second game, imperialism ii, is going to be the imperialism of the 21st century. if you are a fan of imperialism, you are going to love this game. all the interdependencies remain and you will be able to make the same sort of strategy decisions you were used to with the earlier game. in addition, it has new nations, new trade routes, and a new enemy to fight, making the game more challenging than the first. there will be a lot of expansion packs in the future.

the lack of any sort of decent imperialism expansion is a shame. the first game was an absolute triumph, and the developers missed a golden opportunity to continue the good work they did. the unique elements of the game, and the balance, make this a very interesting game, but the lack of a good expansion is a shame. if you love imperialism, you owe it to yourself to buy this game. buy it today. you can buy it direct from the developer, but it is also on gog.


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