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Andrew Rivera
Andrew Rivera

NitoNB - Lean Wid It [Music Video] | GRM Daily [BETTER]

The road rap scene centres around mixtape releases and YouTube videos with some of the genres more popular acts getting mainstream recognition.[99] The genre has been criticised for the relentless nihilism and violence in its lyrics as well as its links to gangs and gun crime with many rappers serving prison sentences.[100][102][103] In keeping with grime, road rap has suffered from pre-emptive policing with Giggs claiming that the Metropolitan Police have set out to deny him the opportunity to make a living from music having banned him from touring.[104] In 2011, Stigs was served the first ever gang injunction that banned him from rapping about anything that may encourage violence.[105]

NitoNB - Lean Wid It [Music Video] | GRM Daily



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