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Andrew Rivera
Andrew Rivera

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After the Clearers managed to reach the Ruby Palace and defeat Hollow Strea, Heathcliff appeared, clapping and congratulating them on their victory. Apologizing for his sudden disappearance and return, he explained that the accumulation of negative emotions from players' distress had overwhelmed one of the programs overseeing their mental well-being, Mental Health Counseling Program Prototype 002, codenamed Strea, resulting in a catastrophic error that infected the core of the Cardinal System. At the same time, outside interference from Sugou Nobuyuki and his associates had forced the system to assign most of its capacity to handle the new problem. Together, these two challenges had caused parts of Cardinal to malfunction and begin operating independently, triggering a system error that interrupted the duel. As the system reached a level of emergency, Heathcliff had been automatically reassigned to an administrative role. Due to being too preoccupied with mending the situation, he had been unable to inform the players of what had occurred.

Code Cheat Dev Hoshigami

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